You Can Do Hard Drive Data Recovery As an Expert

You Can Do Hard Drive Data Recovery As an Expert

Nowadays, we can' live without when we need to store a number of data. However, it seems that it is easy to lose data from. Here is an article about how to do data recovery you need to know.

When you need to recover data from

Since becomes the main storage media in our daily life, we can find many data loss from situation on the Internet. I always can see many questions about how to get back data from various such as computer, USB drive, external or portable etc. So, I roughly conclude some percentage about data loss situation for.

Accidentally deletion (about 65%) - there is no doubt that, this cause is the largest. Many users loss their data, such as pictures, document, videos from by deletion.

Formatting (about 20%) - this situation can't be ignore, especial in computer. Many people want to clean their partition quickly by formatting, but they find something important hasn't backed up after all is done. I see so many such careless matters in Q&A web and forum. Another case is formatting happen when system re-installing, which is more unavoidable for data loss from.

corruption (about 7%)- I ever was in this trouble, my laptop's suddenly corrupted by unknown reason, at the same time, system was down, the worse thing is I can't restore the OS as normal, finally, I have to format the and re-make the partition. Of course, all the data in my are gone. Even if most have good quality and protected system, but accident always happen when you can't expect. So, it is necessary to protect any well.

Virus attack or other software reason (about 5%)- this kind of condition is few, because there are so many anti-virus software are protecting our computer, but if it happen, the result is deadly. Virus can make your computer OS down, even wipe data from partition. Some other software corruption can make disk or file system go into the hot water. If you use the external, portable, you had better not connect them to a device which hasn't been confirmed safety or not.

Physical damage (about 3%) - This is the most serious situation, because if get a physical damage, there is ly not possibility to recover data from, although you pay a lot to ask professional recovery service for help. Therefore, don't shake, hit your computer, especial USB drive and portable.

Possibility for data recovery in logistic data loss

If we lose data from logistically, it is possible to get back lost data from. Take deleted data from as an example, when we deleted a file from, even empty the recycle bin, it doesn't mean the file has been erased from disk. The file system has its own working logic, when a file is deleted, file system will make it invisible, at the same time, it will make the space where the file locate can be written by new data. So, before new data write into this space, the deleted file is still in the. That principle tell us that, if we want to restore deleted file from, we had better not use the as far as possible.

How to recover data from

We have learn the reasons for data loss from and the possibility for data recovery, and then we need to know how can we do. In fact, a data recovery software can help us:

Tenorshare Data Recovery is an easy tool to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from. It support various, such as computer, USB drive, external, portable, etc, Besides, this app can work on most brands of -Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

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Conclusion: all in all, hard drive bring convenience to our life, but we can’t ignore the importance of hard drive data backup, when data loss from hard drive, Tenorshare Data Recovery can help you do hard drive data recovery as an expert!
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