Natural Remedies For Your Migraine

Natural Remedies For Your Migraine

If you are uneasy about taking pain medications, you may be interested in alternative treatments for migraine, or vascular, headaches. Alternative methods are natural ways to cure the pain and suffering of migraines. Alternative treatments are becoming more and more popular with doctors, especially when they are combined with prescription medications.

There are several factors that lead to the increasing popularity of natural migraine remedies. If you have a tendency to react adversely to prescription or over the counter medications, you may find that you can't take any of the available migraine medications. Of course, you may just prefer not to use prescription medications because you are concerned about adversely affecting your body after extended use. The side effects of migraine drugs also make them a problem for many people. The last reason many people are turning to natural migraine remedies is the cost of prescription drugs. Without good insurance, these drugs can just be too pricey for most people.

One of the easiest, and most effective, natural migraine remedies is to turn out the lights. Darkness can help you recover more quickly from a painful attack. While laying down in a dark area should help somewhat, you can make this remedy more effective by following a few simple tips.

* Keep it quiet. Turn off televisions, radios and other noisemakers.

* Make sure you are warm and cozy.

* Lay down and relax as much as possible.

* Don't close your eyes. Instead, cover them with a cloth, such as a scarf or a handkerchief. Closing your eyes actually uses additional muscles and can worsen your pain.

Relaxed breathing is another natural remedy for migraines. The reason this method is so effective is that knowing how badly your head is going to hurt when the migraine reaches full strength can cause you to have an anxiety attack. This makes your heart rate go up, which makes your blood move through your system more quickly, which increases your blood pressure. The increase in blood pressure puts more pressure on the areas being affected by your migraine attack, worsening the symptoms. It is essential for you to relax your breathing and slow your heart rate. To relax your breathing, you should:

1. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Then exhale just as slowly.

2. Take a second slow, deep breath. Take the time to feel the air going into your lungs and filling your body. Once you've inhaled as deeply as you can without growing uncomfortable, exhale slowly. Think about the way the air feels as it leaves your body. Be sure to breath out completely before you inhale again.

3. Repeat the entire process four to five more times, focusing on staying relaxed and slow.

4. You should feel far more relaxed and your breathing should be calmer. Your heart should be beating at a normal rate. Ideally, you should be so relaxed that you feel sleepy. Don't fight the feeling. Go ahead and fall asleep.

Lavender oil is the final natural remedy for migraine sufferers. This essential oil is known for its many uses, including its ability to soothe migraine headaches. Lavender oil is inexpensive and readily available. You will want to avoid fragrances or scented oils, as they are not effective. Essential oils are much more powerful. When you begin to feel migraine symptoms, you will need to place a drop of lavender oil on your temples or behind your ears. You may want to place two to three additional drops of oil on your pillow. This treatment is especially effective when combined with the first two natural migraine remedies. The scent of lavender is so relaxing that many people feel their migraine lessening almost right away.

Ideally, when you treat your migraine with these natural remedies, you will fall into a healing sleep and awaken feeling rested and ready to face the day.

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