How To Reformat A Computer Without Losing Important Data

How To Reformat A Computer Without Losing Important Data

Most of the time you may need to reformat your computer's hard drive: if you have been a victim of a virus attack, your computer is running slower than usual or you are getting inexplicable error messages. To get rid of all of these issues reformatting your computers hard drive is very essential. By formatting your computer and installing a fresh version of the operating system you can get rid of these pesky problems that are caused by a fragmented hard disk.

Formatting your computer means preparing a storage medium, usually hard disk or hard drive for reading or writing. When you format your hard disk the operating system erases all the important information or data stored on the disk. Later it tests the hard drive to see if all the sectors on the disk are reliable or damaged and it also creates internal addresses to locate useful information. When a person is performing the procedure of formatting the hard disk for the first time it is called formatting. If you take a hard drive which is previously formatted and then format the hard disk again, it is called reformatting.

Before reformatting a computer it is very important to take a backup of any important files and especially the document folder. Taking a backup of the disk is very important, as once you format your computer you could lose any data stored on the hard drive. It is also recommended that before you start reformatting your computer, to have an antivirus software installed, device drivers and operating system installation disc with its CD key with you. This will help you to start a new system on your computer.

The steps you need to follow:

Start by inserting the boot CD in the CD drive and restart your computer. The screen will go black and you will find some instructions that will guide you through the process. It will instruct you to press any key to boot up from the CD. Follow the instructions and the operating system will load the files in to the computer. You will come across two options one is the upgrade option and the other is the custom option. If you want to format your computer, select the custom option. You will then be taken to a menu screen where it will ask you to install the operating system. Select the hard drive with your old version of the OS currently installed on it.

If you are confused with which disk to select, it is usually the primary hard drive or the one with the most data on. Select the drive you want to format and then click on "drive properties" and then click "format". Wait for some time and the drive will be reformatted. Once your hard drive is reformatted, install the OS on the reformatted drive. Be sure to take out the boot CD once you are done with the OS installation, otherwise your computer may go through the process again. The time taken for this procedure depends on your computer. Sometimes it is quick, sometimes not.

Once you have formatted your computer and have installed the OS, you can restore the backup files that you had taken earlier. However, there is one problem that you may face if you follow this method. In case your files contain a virus, the virus can be transferred to your computer even if it is formatted. So it is very important to run a full scan of your data or files before uploading your data back in to the computer.

Windows repair system:

This can be done without formatting your computer, you just require an installation CD to format your computer. This will get rid of all your problems with making your computer to work faster as a new one does.


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