Bodybuilding Myths and Urban Legends

Bodybuilding Myths and Urban Legends

Urban legends and myths seem to abound on different topics, ideas, sports and other lifestyle details. Bodybuilding is one of those sports that have lots of myths and #urban #legends. Let us take a look at some of them:

1. Supplements are a must

Most bodybuilders usually turn to whey protein supplements in order to help speed up the muscle making process. Most of these supplements provide extra nutrients in order to help the body accumulate lean muscle mass faster. This is simply not the case. If you are eating a balanced diet, have a healthy lifestyle and follow your training religiously, then supplements are not needed. Supplements will only make a small difference on muscle growth and production.

2. High intensity workouts and low intensity workouts need to be alternated in order to build muscles

Muscles will only get bigger when the stress applied to the muscle also increases. Low intensity workouts won't have an effect on the muscles already built up because it won't stress the tissue. When there is no stress, the muscles will not grow. Increasing weight increments regularly is a very good way of stressing the muscle and speeding up development.

3. You need to do a lot of reps in order to make muscles bigger

A high number of reps will only cause injury. Bodybuilders usually do not do more than 10 reps per set. Workouts should also be within 60 minutes so as not to overstress the muscles. Muscle building hormones in the body also stop being secreted around 60 minutes after stimulation. So there is really no point in going on after an hour of training.

4. Muscles need to be "shocked" for them to develop

In order for muscles to grow, they need to be stimulated and stressed. Some people seem to think that workouts need to vary in intensity or duration. While it is true that you need to increase stress to make bigger muscles, it is still very bad to overwork muscles. Routines may be varied in order to decrease boredom.

There are still a lot of misconceptions and guesses when it comes to bodybuilding and weight training. Some people simply assume and go on thinking and practicing wrong concepts. To be really sure that correct procedures and processes are executed to a T, a consultation with a professional bodybuilder will clear up most #bodybuilding urban legends and myths.

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