Bar Exam Urban Legends

Bar Exam Urban Legends

As you begin your MBE review course to prepare for the multi state bar exam, undoubtedly you will hear horror stories and urban legends about the test itself. How can you tell true stories from anecdotal exaggerations? Test yourself by reading these few stories and see how you fare.

Legend No. 1. Once someone had a heart attach during the Bar exam, and someone was failed because they tried to help the victim. Since the examiners will not make any allowances for any time you or others may lose in administering CPR or whatever. The bar exam questions must be finished in the same amount of time as originally planned, no matter what medical disruptions there may be. True or false?

Legend No. 2. You should only eat food that you have prepared yourself because students have actually been poisoned by fellow test takers. The competition is that fierce. True or false?

Legend No. 3. If you take your cell phone into the examination room, you are an idiot because if it is discovered, you will be disqualified from continuing the test. True or false?

Legend No. 4. You need to take the MBE practice exam numerous times and study MBE questions every single day from the moment you graduate until the day of the test in order to have a good chance of passing. True or false?

What did you conclude? First, let's understand that different states may have different rules and practices, so you should rely only on the code or rules promulgated by the state supreme court or bar association to govern the administration of the bar exam. Look there whenever you have a question about procedure.

As to number 1, this is an urban legend but with a twist. If a disruption occurs, students who assist or who are affected will not get more time for the test. However, the scores will be adjusted to account for the time lost if testing experts determine adjustments are needed. So please, save a life.

The competition is fierce but Legend Number 2 is not true. It does, however, contain some decent advice. Relying on your own food from home and not risking a chance encounter with food that does not agree with you or a public restaurant food poisoning case is smart. You only have these two days, why risk anything?

As to the cell phone, read the rules. You cannot have a cell phone in the room and if you are found with one, you will be disqualified. You may even be reported to the ethics board in your state and the phone may be confiscated. Don't bring a cell phone. Period. Or a digital clock or watch. Yes, it is because someone once figured out how to download data into a digital watch and cheat on the test.

Only you can answer number 4. Some students study every minute of every day and others don't even start until July. It depends entirely on your comfort level, learning style, and personal opinion.

The multi state bar #examination is not fun, but you will nonetheless look back on it with a certain fondness once you have passed! Don't get distraught about urban legends and you will do fine.

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